1 August, 2016
Albina Kalykova — the first secular Muslim designer

Albina Kulikova (27 years old) was born in the Osh city — the second largest city after the capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek.

Osh is not only the largest city in the south of the country, but also the religious Muslim center of Central Asia. Not without reason at the center of the city are the ancient mosque and nearby sacred mountain Sulaiman - Too - a place of pilgrimage for Muslims from Central Asia.

Life in such a religious city had left a mark on childhood and youth of Albina, who was raised in traditional Muslim family, with all its customs and rules.

When she was a child, Albina found it extremely boring to live under strict Islamic law. For her own entertainment, she liked to decorate her mother's clothes while she was at work. The girl prettified her mother's headscarves; sewed bright adornments onto the black clothing. She could not understand why it was mandatory for women to wear only dark garments and not diversify them with bright accessories. The great influence on Albina was exerted by her aunt which was engaged in tailoring. Having become more senior, she came to the relative and for hours observed how the aunt sewed beautiful dresses, embroidered drawings on scarfs and worked on creation of the future wedding dress. Albina wanted to be similar to her. Besides, the aunt always said to her that in spite of the fact that you are a Muslim, each of us has to have a choice what to carry and how to put on. The aunt sewed beautiful things, but she wore traditional clothes. Albina has suggested her to use stones in sewing. They worked together.

After high school, Albina know whom wants to be and she entered in Bishkek at the faculty of design.

It was rumored that the aunt did something indecent ( people in the mosque made a complaint to Albina's uncle). He beat her aunt. And when Albina said that most of the work she did, the uncle forbade his niece to appear in their house. Then Albina moved to study in Moscow and began to work alone.

She always stood out from the crowd because she wore the original bright headscarves to classes and pretty dresses. All Albina's things were invented by her.

During study at Albina had a little free time for hobby. Nobody remained indifferent to the young designer. Someone reproached her, others — envied, the third — asked to sew also him.

Thus in college to Albina the success has come. Other students have begun to wear her scarfs and dresses. The girl already during study propagandized that it is necessary to honor and respect traditions, but despite it each woman shall have an option.

On the fifth year of study of Albina has returned to Bishkek to carry out the first show, which has done a lot of noise among local women of fashion. She wanted that the first the collection was seen by her family. After show rumors about the talented Muslim designer have scattered not only on the capital of Kyrgyzstan, but also is far outside Bishkek.

Albina works in Moscow and tries to remember her roots. In the interviews Albina Kalykova says that she is proud to be born in a Muslim family, and grateful to her parents for the upbringing of Islamic law. But life does not stand still, everything evolves, so every woman has the right to choose - to live according to religious laws and not violate them or look the way she likes.